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A still-recovering-from-the-flu Aaron is joined by Brianna Walden, Associate Director of Criminal Justice at Stand Together and the Charles Koch Institute, to discuss criminal justice reform!

Brianna talks about her work with the Charles Koch Institute and Stand Together, as well as discussing the systematic problems within the justice system that make it so problematic, especially the problem of over-criminalization. Aaron and Brianna discuss why criminal justice reform is an important issue in our everyday lives (even if you may not think it is), and how everyone can get involved in trying to fix the problem.

A list of nonprofits and organizations that work with Stand Together to seek “civil society” solutions to criminal justice system problems: https://standtogetherfoundation.org/catalyst-network/?cat=criminal-justice

SHRM and the Charles Koch Institute’s Report on Workers with Criminal Records: https://mk0qeluyepi9drvw7cng.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/CKI-SHRM-Report.pdf

Prison Fellowship’s “Outrageous Justice” materials: https://www.prisonfellowship.org/about/justicereform/landing-pages/outrageous-justice/outrageous-justice-study-guide/

A news-spot on the recent clemencies granted in Oklahoma: https://standtogetherfoundation.org/catalyst-network/?cat=criminal-justice

Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy”: https://justmercy.eji.org/

Themesong by Nathan Keightley

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