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It’s a “live” episode! Aaron is joined by guest Capt. Nils Gransberg, to continue our discussion of Middle-Eastern Affairs from last week.

Nils talks about his experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq, and why they gave a more libertarian perspective on foreign policy, especially given the absurd notion that somehow we can force democracy into these places. Nils talks about his experiences with Turkey and the Kurds, and how our current situation is essentially history repeating himself, how Russia’s growing power in the Middle East shouldn’t be keeping us up at night, and how just because men like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may die, that doesn’t mean much for the larger picture unless our foreign policy changes overall.

We apologize for the sound quality, especially the constant banging, etc. We didn’t realize that we’d forgotten the muffling pads on the ambient mic stand until it was too late, so every time anything touched the table, it vibrated the mic stand.

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