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Aaron and Austin are joined by Buck Johnson, host of the Death to Tyrants Podcast, for our first crossover episode with another podcast! In the first half, the trio discuss the similarities and differences between different schools of libertarian thought. Aaron takes the Minarchist perspective, the idea that the government should be as small as possible, while Buck takes the perspective of anarcho-capitalism, the idea that society should be free to exist without rulers. Meanwhile, Austin tries to figure out just who he is, libertarianly speaking. We discuss our common ground as well as the deep divides that exist within libertarianism, with Buck bringing up the unifying force that was the “Ron Paul Revolution,” Aaron bringing up the phenomenon of group polarization and ideological purity, and Austin reminding us that there are fundamental philosophical differences that one must consider when “choosing” a libertarian school of thought.

In the second half, Buck, Aaron, and Austin discuss the recent arrest of Julian Assange, discussing the reactions of the D.C. establishment, the importance of government transparency, and the importance of placing principle over power. Austin brings up the absurdity of allowing the government to determine what counts as transparency, Buck brings up the use of Assange as a distraction from what Wikileaks has revealed about our government, and why it’s important that we do know and discuss those revelations, and Aaron talks about the psychological dangers of blind patriotism and authoritarianism.

A link to Buck’s Podcast, “Death to Tyrants”: https://www.facebook.com/deathtotyrantspodcast/

Death to Tyrants’ latest episode with Scott Horton discussing the Assange affair: h

Thoughtco’s guide to the different types of libertarianism: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-kind-of-libertarian-are-you-721655

A listicle from The Libertarian Republic also discussing different kinds of Libertarianism: https://thelibertarianrepublic.com/five-types-of-libertarianism-why-theyre-all-important-to-liberty/

Reason Magazine’s discussion of Washington’s reaction to Assange’s arrest: https://reason.com/2019/04/11/the-washington-political-establishment-s

The American Conservative’s piece telling us why we should fear the arrest of Assange: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/yes-you-should-fear-the-arrest-of-julian-assange/?fbclid=IwAR1Oo9A8wQgpgiFQd3qSz8EXW2cea0W5cH5ZKrFPBm-EYGgNswnoxzaC9jA

A discussion from The Bulwark, discussing why they don’t care much about Assange’s arrest: https://thebulwark.com/the-overdue-downfall-of-julian-assange/?fbclid=IwAR1AXr8YhOqTHOph1LQ7hB6e7Dn5LVXvxkZ3Ce2Xp0ab098w0SKaBUk4cs8

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