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What do “fun mom energy,” drinking expensive bourbon, wanting chihuahuas over golden retrievers, sheer abject terror of robots, and Starbucks have in common? The Democratic Presidential candidates, of course! From Tulsi Gabbard to Andrew Yang to Bernie (among others), Aaron and Austin are joined by their wives (and briefly, Aaron’s dog) to discuss the top 11 (in their view) Left-wing challenges to Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Note: Due to the challenges of recording with four people, our ambient mic was struggling a little bit, so we apologize for the sound issues.

The FEE article on Andrew Yang and the problems of universal basic income.

“The Economics of a Toddler Combined with the Ethics of a Thug” – a critique of Bernie Sanders from George Mason economics professor Donald Boudreaux

Amy Klobuchar’s response to the controversies surrounding her alleged temperament issues.

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