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Aaron talks with guest star Greg Rehmke, Program Director for Economic Thinking, an organization that specifically works with public speaking and debate groups from a liberty-minded perspective. Greg talks about the importance of thinking in debate terms; of figuring out and understanding the opposing presuppositions and worldviews as well as of discussing concrete policy problems rather than philosophy alone. Greg also discusses the importance of not taking a “Pollyanna” approach to our own philosophies when it comes to persuading others; if you don’t know the potential criticisms of your own position, how can you defend it? Aaron and Greg talk about the importance of being winsome in our communications; not just beating people over the head with ideology, but “presenting society with one improved person,” as the great Leonard Read, of “I, Pencil” fame, once said.

link to Economic Thinking’s Website.

Humanprogress.org, the website which Greg mentioned that can help us stay positive, rather than just focusing on the negatives.

livescience page that contains some of the sources that Aaron made reference to in this week’s episode.

transcript of Leonard Read’s “How to advance liberty: A learning, not a selling problem,” where he elaborates on some of the ideas we discussed this week.

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