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In our 30th episode, Austin and Aaron tackle a double-header of topics! First, they discuss the highlights of the Cohen testimony, and why neither Austin from a legal perspective nor Aaron from a psychological one found Cohen even the slightest bit convincing. They then move on to a newly proposed law in California, drafted in response to the recent sex scandals in the Catholic Church, where Austin and Aaron amicably disagree on how and to what extent the government should be involved in trying to protect and obtain reparations for victims of sexual abuse in religious organizations. Also touched on are Austin and Aaron’s thoughts on Russian Collusion and real-life Bond villain Putin, why affairs like the Cohen testimony actually make life easier on Trump and harm those of us who’d like a chance to rationally point out and critique the insane things he does, and the problem of trying to balance keeping the government out of everyone’s business while still having it able to do the (precious few) things it is actually supposed to do in a capable manner.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, there are some audio problems with this episode. Blame Aaron.

An article from Real Clear Politics on the Cohen hearing and Republicans’ attempts to discredit him.

Some interesting quotes from the Cohen hearing that seem to make it pretty clear he’s just trying to save his own skin.

An article on our favorite person, AOC, and her attempt to “own” Trump.

Justin Amash’s takedown of Cohen.

The Federalist piece we referenced for the second topic of this episode

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