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Austin and Aaron take on some of the latest anti-gun legislation from New York and Washington State. Austin discusses some misconceptions that both sides hold about the legal rights surrounding firearms. Both Austin and Aaron take issue with the term “common sense gun control,” and Aaron connects popular attitudes to firearms to both construal level theory and classic psychological theories of racism and prejudice.

Some background on New York’s proposed social-media-based gun control: www.newsweek.com/lawmakers-propose-hate-speech-social-media-checks-gun-purchases-1200746

Aaron on construal level theory and anti-gun activism: fee.org/articles/social-psychology-suggests-march-for-our-lives-is-unlikely-to-change-anything-here-s-why/

Nancy Pelosi on why “common sense” gun control will be a major issue for the new House of Representatives: www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/nov/9/nancy-pelosi-common-sense-gun-control-priority-dem/

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