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Episode 12 – Political Tribalism and Tribulation

Aaron/ October 24, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Jason and Aaron discuss the recent “rise” in political tribalism pointed out by many across the political spectrum. Though many say it’s only getting worse as the midterm elections loom closer, Jason explains why, from a historical perspective, this is nothing new in American politics, giving several examples of far worse elections and rhetoric than that seen in 2016 and

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Episode 11 – Facebook, Free Speech, and Frikkin’ Frogs!

Aaron/ October 16, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Aaron and Austin discuss the recent purge of facebook pages, many of them liberty-oriented, which supposedly occurred to “protect our democracy.” Austin discusses the underlying jurisprudence of free speech, including the history of the Supreme Court decisions relating to it, while Aaron relates the current debates over what should and shouldn’t be considered “free” speech to honor ideology and psychological

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Episode 10 – Telltale Games, Gompers, and Robber Barons

Aaron/ October 11, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Batman, and…. John D. Rockefeller? Guest host Jason Klicker joins Aaron as they discuss the recent controversy around Telltale Game Studios, including their unceremonious firing of almost all of their employees. In the course of this discussion, Jason and Aaron cover the corporate illusion of invulnerability, a brief overview of some of the lesser-known

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Episode 9 – Senatorial Circus Town

Aaron/ October 2, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

In the first ever guest-episode, guest Austin Collins joins Aaron in exploring both the legal and psychological reasons why the Kavanaugh hearings have been an unmitigated disaster for both sides of the aisle – and why neither party has ended up looking good. Austin also discusses what majors make you more likely to end up in law school, while Aaron

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