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Episode 8 – Hurricanes and Price Gouging: Alright, Alright, Alright?

Aaron/ September 19, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

As the East coast struggles in the wake of yet another hurricane, Aaron and Tyler discuss a notion often brought up in the wake of such tragedies: price gouging. Tyler argues that price-gouging is a more complex economic issue than most of our cultural dialogue would suggest, even responding to some specific “hot takes” on the subject. Aaron discusses how

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Episode 7 – Nike, In-N-Out, and Boycotts for Everyone!

Aaron/ September 12, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Tyler and Aaron discuss the boycott sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Tyler questions if how politicized they are will make them less effective, while Aaron discusses the phenomenon of reactance and how it works against these boycotts’ cause. Both Aaron and Tyler riff on boycotts’ social media presence for a bit, before Tyler regales us all with a thrilling tale

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The Principles of Free Trade

Aaron/ September 7, 2018/ Blog Posts/ 0 comments

by Tyler Groenendal As follows is a line-by-line rebuttal of “Free trade isn’t a principle, it’s a policy,”by Garrison Grisedale, appearing in the September 6, 2018 edition of theHillsdale Collegian.  _________________________________________ For decades, the Beltway offered America an unflinching bipartisan consensus: Free trade, and all of its consequences, is an unmitigated good. Any deficiencies that might arise as are ultimately for

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Episode 6 – South Africa and Dabbing

Aaron/ September 4, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Tyler and Aaron discuss the land seizures in South Africa, including the so-called “white genocide” supposedly occurring. Tyler discusses the difficulties in having the government try to right historic wrongs, while Aaron discusses how peacemaking should be applied in moving forward in intergroup relations. The South African Institute of Race Relations’ report: Al Jazeera’s report on the land debate: The

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