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Episode 5: “Accountable Capitalism,” Construal Levels, and Latin

Aaron/ August 28, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Tyler and Aaron discuss Elizabeth Warren’s “Accountable Capitalism Act,” discussing the problems associated with central planning in the private sector. Tyler explains why he doesn’t think lack of government oversight will set us back to Feudalism, while Aaron connects certain economic policies to construal level theory, and Tyler’s cat Leland makes his first cameo appearance on the show! “Middle of

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Episode 4: Economic Inequality, Envy, and Beyoncé

Aaron/ August 21, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Tyler disapproves of Aaron’s drink of the week, before raising the topic of wealth inequality and whether or not our perception of “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is accurate. Aaron discusses group dynamics and how they influence our economic perception of others. Aaron teaches Tyler about Beyoncé, someone takes a nap on Von Mises’ desk, and

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Episode 3 – Miniature White-Collar Crime & The End of the Frikkin’ World

Aaron/ August 14, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

In Episode 3, Tyler and Aaron discuss the controversy of 3-D Printed Guns, authoritarianism, and moral panic, while a Storytime with Uncle Tyler takes an unexpected turn. Note: Due to atmospheric oddities (a thunderstorm) our sound quality did suffer somewhat during this episode, but we promise to have it fixed by next week! Inrange TV on 3-D Printed Guns:

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Episode 2 – Tariffs, Honor Culture, and Storytime with Uncle Tyler

Aaron/ August 7, 2018/ Episodes/ 0 comments

Tyler and Aaron give their respective takes on the Trade War, Tyler giving a case against protectionism and tariffs, and Aaron linking the trade war with the psychological concept of the Culture of Honor. We also learn about Aaron’s Vegemite obsession and that neither Tyler nor Aaron is entirely sure how Senator Ben Sasse’s name is pronounced! The Elemental Case

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